Brisbane singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist GVY breaks onto the scene in a massive way with his debut single ‘Fallout’ that oozes swagger with its alternative/R&B influence packing plenty of soul within.

Drawing echoes of Chet Faker, ‘Fallout’ uses a lo-fi instrumentation base full of brittle percussion, gloomy synths and silky bass that creates the soulful backbone perfect for GVY to launch his astonishing melodies from. Rounding out the track with the soaring guitars, ‘Fallout’ ticks all the boxes and will turn plenty of heads!

There were years of pent up emotions that I hadn’t fully processed and just letting them spill into words and melodies by myself was proving to be a really natural vehicle to express and process.” This track represents the “vulnerable expression of someone, it’s about the feelings of uncertain love, the danger of heartbreak, going all in anyway, and moulding into the pain that comes with that.”  – GVY

Stream: GVY
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