Goldroom is back at it again, and this time he’s brought along three-piece indie-electronic outfit Moontower along for the ride for the sun-drenched offering titled ‘Guess I’m Jaded’ that is as uplifting as they come.

Featuring plenty of funk influence in the captivating instrumentation on offer, ‘Jaded’ injects some welcomed infectiousness with the shiny guitars combining beautifully with that crunchy bass to inject the summertime feeling. With those catchy melodies bouncing around the mix, ‘Jaded’ is just what you need to put a smile on your dile.

“The songwriting session that resulted in ‘Guess I’m Jaded’ was my last before quarantine…Ironically we decided to write a song about being jaded with going out to parties, which has slowly given the song about six new layers of meaning over the intervening months. I can remember the looseness and fun of that session though. It feels both like yesterday and like 2 years ago, the five of us in a cramped room, singing about packed parties and wishing to get some time to spend alone with loved ones. Careful what you wish for…” – Goldroom

Stream: Minerva Music
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