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Australian artist Golden Vessel is known for crafting a unique sound that blends elements of electronic music with hip-hop, RnB and alternative pop, which can be likened to a mix between Four Tet, Toro Y Moi and Brockhampton.

Since giving us his exceptional debut album “SLOWSHINE” back in 2019, Golden Vessel has been busy working on his follow up album “colt”, which is set for release in early 2021, and between now and then he’ll be building our anticipation with a selection of great new songs, the first of which is coming to us today – it’s called ‘midwest’ and it also comes with a very cool music video that was co-filmed & directed by Maxwell Byrne and Matthew Howard.

“I wrote ‘midwest’ in the summer of 2018 in Brisbane. I was starting to make a new album in my parent’s lounge room while they were overseas, and I made ‘midwest’ spread out on the floor late one night.

I was just about to spend a fair amount of time touring and driving across America and so I guess this song is about me waiting in anticipation of getting out on the road. It feels a little weird to write songs in anticipation and then sort of live out what you wrote about like one big foreshadowing but being out on the road in America with my friends has been one of the highlights of my life.” – Golden Vessel

Just recently Golden Vessel also launched an independent record label called sumoclic with his good friend Connor Grant, aka Akurei, which will be home to their releases for the foreseeable future and I have it on good authority that they have quite a lot of great music ready to share with us!

“This is the first single from my upcoming album “colt” which is a road trip album and sonically pretty much came about by my friend Emerson Leif lending me his Hofner bass guitar. This is also my first release on “sumoclic” a record label that I’ve just started with my friend Connor Grant (Akurei)” – Golden Vessel

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  1. Thank you for this article. Good luck.. I’m also a big fan of writing down goals and keeping up with them for that very same reason–to see my progress and get encouraged to keep going. If there’s no feeling of progress, then motivation can dwindle before you accomplish what you set out to. Great article!

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