Brisbane-based producer du0 is marking the beginning of his partnership with Central Station Records in style through the release of his brand new single ‘NUMBER’ (which features Brandyn Burnette on vocals) that carries forth an emotional tale with a stirring soundscape.

‘Number’ immediately sets a darkness in place from the beginning of the piece with the haunting sampled vocals that build alongside the bubbling pads that fill the soundscape up with its all encompassing nature. Utilising Burnette’s echoed melodies to depict the hefty emotive journey, du0 maintains a progressive manner in his tempo throughout the duration with the use of upbeat percussion creating some flavour amongst the murky colour already set in place.

“The lyrics for ‘Number’ are very personal to me, it’s about a relationship that came to an end. Looking back now it had nothing to do with them, it was really due to the dark place that I was in at the time. I was stuck in the monotony of life and had become really numb. I was struggling to feel anything, which put unnecessary pressure on the relationship and ultimately caused it to end.” – du0

Stream: Central Station Records
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