Following on from the highly acclaimed release of ‘Us’ alongside Australia’s own The Kite String Tangle, Toulouse-born / Colorado-based artist CloZee invites us into her world of robust electronic influence with the release of her ‘Neon Jungle’ LP which is out on her own label Odyzey Music.

CloZee has become synonymous with thick and powerful bass within her releases over the years, and in the case of ‘Neon Jungle’ we see just how good she is at manipulating this into her mixes. Take the case in point of the focus single from the release titled ‘Winter Is Coming’, an intensified journey with resounding bass smacking you across the face that feels like an injection of testosterone straight into your system. 

Alongside this, ‘Neon Jungle’ packs in nine more smashing singles across its duration which highlights the growth in production quality from CloZee through engaging synths & atmospheric pads setting the soundscapes alight, and fresh beats forcing their way through the mix.

Stream: Odyzey Music
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