New Zealand-born producer BAYNK has delivered some truly amazing music over the course of 2020, and he continues this trend through his stunning new single ‘TESSELLATE’ which features the vocals of Colombian-Canadian singer-songwriter Tei Shi that is accompanied by magnificently choreographed music video.

‘TESSELATE’ begins in an abrupt manner with a brooding and dark introduction full of intrigue before BANYK mellows the soundscape out with his delicate vocals standing atop of the emphatic bass and drums combination. With Tei Shi‘s captivating melodies adding further depth to the mix (in particular when both artists’ vocals combine), ‘TESSELATE’ immediately gets stuck in your brain with its addictive chorus and highly-engaging instrumentation that lures you in.

Accompanying the single is the artistic masterpiece that is the music video, co-directed by Spencer Graves (Kendirck Lamar, LAUV) and BAYNK himself. With the vibrancy set within the colourful backdrop, this element is further accentuated by the gripping choreographed dance moves that work hand in hand with the pivotal moments created in the audio to provide further context into the creative mind of BANYK.

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