London-based electronic duo Anaphase evoke a mysteriousness with their haunting new single ‘Accordia’, which lures you in immediately with its thick layer of darkness encapsulating the whole soundscape.  

Achieving a balance between the subtle electronic influence and lush classical instrumentation, ‘Accordia’ creates a fear of the unknown through the echoed piano setting the scene alongside the warped electronica floating in the backdrop. Featuring some dreamy vocals working hand in hand with the enchanting strings on offer, Anaphase leave you with goosebumps with this spine-tingling release.

“The lyrics are about corruption in the world, the amount of times we’ve been lied to by people in power. It’s also about what that does to you on a personal level. How we can become tainted and twisted by people around us in our lives, if we’re not careful. It’s also about the pressure to conform.” – Anaphase

Stream: IAMHER
Artist Connect: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

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