Alfie Templeman is an indie hipster dream whose latest EP, “Happiness in Liquid Form,” is packed with good vibes – if one of these singles doesn’t blow up on TikTok, I’ll be shocked. It’s the kind of record (literally, this would be playing on vinyl) you’d hear at one of those parties where everyone looks cooler than you but is actually really nice – and they also happen to have impeccable taste in music.  While I won’t be at these events anytime soon, I’d actually feel more comfortable going in if this was playing in the background – the best part about “Happiness in Liquid Form” is how easily it can lift your spirits, even if you’re feeling otherwise.  Alfie’s youthful energy flows through sophisticated rifs and 80s synths, from the wistful “Obvious Guy” to the cool “My Best Friend,” which gave me serious Billie Eilish vibes.  Summer may be flipped on its head, but at least the summer bops are still as fresh and funky as ever.  You can check out the full EP below.  

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