Brisbane producer Yoste continues to produce some of the most uplifting chill/electronic music that soothes your soul with his latest EP ‘A Few Brief Moments’ that endeavours to flip the script on the issues that we all face in society at the moment.

Yoste maintains a positivity within all of his soundscapes through the use of warming instrumentation such as the richness of acoustic guitars in the addictive ‘You Can’t Fix Me’ and ‘Fade’ and deepened drums creating an impenetrable force in the mix whilst the laid-back vocals take centre stage with plenty of space to work with and drive the narratives home strong.

“My current music is about being young, when you’re an adult but there are still enormous mistakes you can make.  Introspection is huge for me, and in my new songs I’m trying to be more direct and less esoteric: relationship breakdowns, mental health struggles and drugs, young people struggling, highs and lows, trying to figure it all out.” – Yoste

Stream: Island Records
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