Willaris. K creates dance music that can be very dark and tells amazing stories. I’ve said all this before, but when I heard his new track ‘Chapel’, it absolutely blew me away. ‘Lustre’, Willaris. K’s debut EP had so much hard and was so smokey, it felt easy to listen to and extremely smooth. ‘Chapel’ is not smooth. ‘Chapel’ slaps you in the face and wakes you up immediately – which is amazing!

‘Chapel’ is extremely energetic with frantic synths buzzing over a heavy beat and following WaveIQ’s vocals as they charge through the track. The song is gritty and brings out the best is both Willaris. K and WaveIQ. The production is clean, sharp and edgy with a strong sense of urgency and the vocals become a beacon for the staggered samples, guiding them to a place of anarchy and freedom. 

With ‘Chapel’ and ‘Lustre’, Willaris. K is cementing himself as a very versatile artist that still presents his own unique view of dance music. There’s something beautiful in every track he releases and its never the same, which is refreshing and exciting. 

Stream: Soothsayer
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