Melbourne outfit Stonefox depict a tale of infatuation and love under the banner of infectious indie-pop through their new single ‘White Caps’ (out now through Mr. SuicideSheep‘s label Seeking Blue) that’ll strike a chord with you immediately upon your first listen!

With robust synth bass standing tall amongst the tight-nit percussion to create a formidable duo in the tracks foundations, ‘White Caps’ magnetises you with its incredible depth in vocal production that stands tall in the mix and leaves you gobsmacked once the crystal-clear harmonies enter the arena. With the female and male vocals playing off each other in their individual verses, Stonefox capture this narrative of never giving up for ones true love even when there are roadblocks in the way.

“White Caps is about a relationship where you’re so infatuated with someone that no matter how much they could hurt you, you’re always going to be there for them. When we wrote White Caps, I was falling in love with a girl who had a boyfriend. I did everything I possibly could to show her how I felt, but she had no idea. I was so enthralled, that even though I knew I’d probably get hurt, I wasn’t going to give up. Ironically things ended up great in the end, she’s my girlfriend now.” – Stonefox

Stream: Seeking Blue
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