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Fresh off the impressive release of his recent single ‘Before I Forget’, River Boy is back in quick succession with his latest titled ‘Gimme My Soul’ that is a truely superb downtempo offering that will leave you amazed.

‘Gimme My Soul’ perfectly intertwines the electronic and R&B influence together with absolute ease, setting the mood with some quirky synths that contrast the ocean samples in the backdrop before the groove is transferred through the mix in the tight beats on offer. With River Boy‘s delicate vocals capturing the emotive tone held in the lyrics, ‘Gimme My Soul’ maintains both a minimalism and a well-rounded balance that is a testament to the mastery on offer in the production.

“‘Gimme My Soul’ begins with lyrics about losing touch over your agency in life, feeling like you’re being carried along without making any meaningful decisions of your own. It’s asking the question “When did I stop believing in myself and can I ever get that belief back? The chorus is an affirmation though. It’s demanding that agency back “Gimme my soul, gimme my spirit and bone”. – River Boy

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