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rei brown has always been known for his expertise in the dreamy/lo-fi electronic realm, but his latest single ‘Bubble’ is as light hearted as they come and will strike a chord with all in its path.

With a core focus on maintaining a breezy sensation throughout the 2 and a half minute duration, rei brown utilises the beauty of an acoustic guitar alongside the lo-fi beats in the backdrop to keep the laid back tempo alive whilst implementing the subtlest of grooves. Add in the final piece of the puzzle in the delicate vocals floating above the mix and you’re left with one of the most pristine and minimalistic approaches you’ll see.

“When I finally sat down and wrote bubble, it just came out naturally. I finished the song in two days. I felt stupid because all this time I had been banging my head against the wall, trying to finish these other songs, when all along I just needed to be true to myself.” – rei brown

Stream: Heroic
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