After breaking onto the scene in 2019 and charming audiences at BIGSOUND, Sydney duo Polythought bring forth a lush and highly engaging debut mixtape titled ‘Retrospect’ that is the perfect soundtrack for contemplation and reflection.

Coming through with ten individual offerings that include previous singles ‘Alone’, ‘In C’, ‘Parallels’ and ‘Toronto’, ‘Restrospect’ moves through various realms of music such as electronic, pop and R&B and meld them together with absolute ease to create some truely unique and stunning soundscapes. With hard-hitting & glitchy beats setting the tone in the backdrop, Polythought build off these foundations beautifully with injections of colour in the ambient synth pads and Oliver’s alluring vocals that float above the mix majestically, resulting in you being left utterly stunned at what you’ve just witnessed.

Stream: Gyrostream
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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