Los Angeles artist Loveclub evokes the nostalgic feels within his latest single ‘Backtrack’, a track that that oozes 80s influence in its upbeat depiction of reflecting over the anguish that can be caused in arguments within a relationship.

‘Backtrack’ relies on the robust nature of the synths utilised to create a thick wall of sound into the mix, whilst building off the energetic approach of the drums that creates this contrast amongst the emotionally driven narrative in the melodies. With those breezy vocals intensifying hand in hand with the rising synths, Loveclub uses this podium created to drive home the emotional context of the lyrics to really strike a chord with the listener.

“The song itself came together pretty fast. I made the beat in one sitting and it was a week or so later that I came up with the vocal melody for it. Finding the right lyrics was a little bit trickier. But I’m always writing lyrics in my notes app. So that’s where I pulled the initial idea from – an old note on my phone – then I spent some time reworking until I was happy with how it matched the melody…I think ‘Backtrack’ is a song where it’s more the feeling you get when you hear it and the lyrics are a bonus.” – Loveclub

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