KLP is one of the most recognisable faces in Australian music and Commandeur should be also. KLP stepped onto the scene by celebrating dance music on Triple J and then took her own path into the world with music that still makes us smile every time we hear it. Commandeur, on the other hand, is a drummer and one of the best Australia has to offer, performing not only in indie bands but also as a musician in his own right by blending organic band-centric elements with smooth electronic production on his own releases. 

These two both have something great to bring to the table and now they’ve blended their talents together for ‘Feel the Love’, we’ve been able to experience the connection these two artists have and how special their collaborative work can be. 

‘Feel The Love’ is light and airy with KLP’s vocals soaring about ambient synths before a steady beat bursts in and uplifts the minimal melody. The production on ‘Feel the Love’ is simple and elegant most likely because the lyrics have a very strong message of solidarity, strength and love, something the world desperately needs right now. On a track like this one, that has a message to get across, a plethora of crazy synths and samples isn’t necessary. Here, simplicity is more powerful.

‘Feel The Love’ is warm, inviting and bright – you can either dance to it or let it hug you when you’re feeling lost. KLP and Commandeur have created a piece that gives you hope in the form of reassuring lyrics and airy synths, which to us music folk, is all we can really ask for in a time of fear and uncertainty. 

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