After a Beats 1 Radio premiere for ‘Disconnect’, as well as placement on Spotify Canada’s ‘Viral 50’ charts, Toronto singer/rapper/producer/songwriter Keffa delivers his emotional new EP ‘Victimless Crimes’ which narrates a tale of heartbreak and failed relationships through a gripping R&B backdrop.

Throughout the six track duration of ‘Victimless Crimes’, we see an injection of sorrow and pain within the soundscape that reflects the damaged nature of the narrative composed. Keffa showcases pure emotion in his alluring melodies that sit on top of the deep-hitting beats and bass combination, as well as the ominous keys and guitars throughout the EP that not only provide a welcomed contrast to the colour palate created – but highlight a sense of hope in the pursuit of love in future.

Stream: Culvert Music
Artist Connect: Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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