Two of Sydney’s biggest talents in Jordan FFluir have teamed up for a funk-filled delight with their new single ‘Need You’ that is a synth lovers dream with some truely groovy soundscapes on offer.

‘Need You’ further exemplifies Jordan F‘s comfortability within the nu-disco/funk realms, with his growing skillset continuing to expand with some impeccable production on offer through the depth of the synths compiled to be a central focus point. With Fluir‘s dreamy vocals floating above the mix and creating an atmospheric bliss amongst the track, ‘Need You’ as a whole injects copious amounts of flavour into the soundscape with the sole objective of capturing all in its path.

“At the time of writing ‘Need You’ I was in a mindset to push my sound into more dance pop territory. The track had been through a number of iterations at the time including some with bass guitar instead of a synth bass. I sent her the instrumental in late 2018 and she came back with perfectly layered vocal takes. Her textured and emotive lyrics transformed the song into a catchy late night dance floor groove.”  – Jordan F

Stream: Jordan F
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