With his 2016 debut album ‘Phases’ breaking significant ground and raising his profile significantly, Jack Garratt continues to amaze all in his path with the highly anticipated release of his sophomore album ‘Love, Death & Dancing’ highlighting once again that he is truely astonishing artist that constantly raises the bar.

Bringing forth twelve tracks, ‘Love, Death & Dancing’ further explores Garratt’s ability to intertwine electronic-pop with absolute ease whilst showcasing the most pristine vocal production that you’ll ever hear. With exhilarating instrumentation and captivating harmonies that immediately lift your spirits, Jack Garratt provides the ultimate podium for all to be immersed in and get amongst.

“I wrote this album as someone – and for anyone – who likes dancing but
doesn’t necessarily want to go out on a Saturday. It’s dance music for people
who don’t want to go out! And that’s the music that I love: music that doesn’t care if you’re standing up or sitting down. It’s going to give it to you either way.” – Jack Garratt

Stream: Island Records
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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