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Bristol singer, songwriter and producer Harvey Causon produces some of the most profound and artistically-driven soundscapes through the release of his new EP ‘Fourth Wall’, a collection of tracks that balances the tightrope between electronic and organic instrumentation with ease.

Through the use of soulful and gripping vocals that become so pivotal to each tracks composition, Causon locks in your attention instantly throughout these four diverse tracks and keeps you engaged through the splashes of crisp beats, mesmerising pianos and prospering bass that draws echoes of James Blake in its approach.

‘Extended Present is a song about spacetime and gravity inspired by theories of theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli. The almost chimerical realisation that time is merely a construct, nonlinear and that gravity and time are interwoven into the fabric of the universe. It was really interesting to work with different people across the globe recording the strings from isolation.’ – Harvey Causon

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