When I first met Feki years ago at a gig in Brisbane, I had no idea just how much of a powerhouse he was about to become. In the years since that first meeting, Feki has blossomed into one of Australia’s most exciting producers and after not releasing any new music for quite some time, he’s finally back with ‘Golden Remedy’, a track that feels not only uplifting but unifying. 

There is definitely a nostalgic atmosphere around this track as it throws you back to the indie dance era of the mid-2000s, but also has so many extra elements that make the track incredibly unique. ‘Golden Remedy’ is soulful and vibrant thanks, in part, to a groovy guitar track, ambient synths and bouncing samples. You also can’t forget about the gorgeous vocals from LANKS and Sloan Peterson that paint a beautiful picture of hot summer nights dancing and watching the sunset. ‘Golden Remedy’ feels so free and it somehow evokes a sense of community within you, you feel welcomed into the world of Feki.

Things may be a mess in the world right now, but Feki has created a track that feels like everything could possibly get better. Considering ‘Golden Remedy’ took years to put together, all of that hard work seems to have paid off and helped Feki produce something truly beautiful. 

Stream: Warner Music Australia
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