Dugong Jr has always been a big player in the Australian music industry purely because he has such a unique way of putting sounds together. His latest single ‘Ghost’ is wonderful because it feels so different from anything being released right now. 

The beat is staggered and has a bit of an eerie aura to it. Although there are some tropical samples and Evangeline’s vocals feel delicate and light, the sliding synths that hover above precise distortion and computerised samples elevate ‘Ghost’. There’s juxtaposition and it may not make sense to some, but it fills me with excitement because here’s an artist putting together a song that in many ways shouldn’t work because there are so many contrasting elements – but it does!

Dugong Jr has created a track that really showcases how his musical vision is layered and so distinct. There’s no one out there creating music like this and ‘Ghost’ with its bright accents and dark undertones, truly makes you feel like you’re experiencing something special every time you press play. 

Stream: Be Rich Records
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