After returning to our hearts earlier this year with their single ‘Love Is All We Share’, Cut Copy continue their charge forward in 2020 with not only the release of ‘Cold Water’, but news of their sixth studio album ‘Freeze, Melt’ which is due for release on August 21st. 

‘Cold Water’ utilises an ambience in its approach, with swooping pads rising to the forefront at the pivotal moments whilst an arpeggiated keys rhythm sets the tone alongside Dan Whitford’s iconic vocal tones that intertwine with absolute ease. With the instrumentation bubbling at the surface to create a subtle intensification, Cut Copy ensure a free flowing nature within the pieces energy which allows us all to bask in the atmospheric bliss created.

“After extensive touring on our last album, ‘Cold Water’ was one of the first new songs to appear. I’d moved to Copenhagen and had been listening to a lot more ambient and instrumental electronic music and as a result ‘Cold Water’ felt quite different to songs we’d made in the past. It was less dance, but more atmospheric. Also the subject matter explores love in today’s context, where the climate and fate of the planet are becoming increasingly uncertain. Once we’d finished it, it felt like we’d placed a marker in the ground, guiding us in a new musical direction.” – Cut Copy

Stream: Cutters Records
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