Australian producer Arona Mane returns for the first time in 2020 alongside Sydney producer/songwriter BLESSED for their collaborative effort ‘Alone Not Lonely’ that covers significant ground with its genre-bending approach.

‘Alone Not Lonely’ comes through with a playful nature in BLESSED‘s melodies bouncing around the mix, commanding significant presence amongst the podium created by Arona Mane which features some ultra smooth bass lines, lush guitars, tight-nit R&B influenced beats and those bright synths pushing their way through the spirited and vibrant soundscape.

“I’ve worked with Blessed a number of times over the years & it’s always [fire] when we team up in the studio. As soon as I had finished this beat & played it back a couple times through my headphones I could already hear his tone & voice on it in my head. I sent him the idea & it was no surprise to me when he laced the demo & sent it back that it was exactly how I imagined it would sound – FRESH AF!” – Arona Mane

Stream: Moda Blaq Musiq
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