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Two Another dropped a new track ‘Stronger’ last Friday and it has been getting quite a flogging over here at Acid Stag HQ this week.  

The boys have this silky smooth sound that just feels so right on pretty much every level, and ‘Stronger’ is just another showcase of those innate skills. 

“Stronger, like many of our tracks, was born out of collaboration. We had been working on an idea very different from the final record before Luke Wynter played a bass part – we then rearranged the instrumental around his bass groove, adding a more sparse programmed drum machine beat.

Lyrically the song addresses our romanticised expectations of adulthood and that moment you realise no one is there to hold your hand and you need to carve out your own path. No one has all the answers to the questions being asked, it is ok to be vulnerable and to ask for help.” – Two Another

Stream: Sweat It Out!
Artist Connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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