Dutch-American / LA-based artist The Nicholas brings forth a raw and sombre glimpse into his upcoming EP through his latest single ‘Rockshow’, a soothing and mellow release that sees Odessa enlisted on the vocal front.

This notion of raw and mellow sensations that echo throughout the whole duration of ‘Rockshow’ is a central focus for the pieces composition, as The Nicholas maintains the laid-back tempo through a relaxed approach in the lo-fi drums and guitars on offer that ensures the purity of organic instrumentation. Featuring Odessa‘s delicate melodies that float above the mix and add a majestic nature to the piece, ‘Rockshow’ is just what you need to listen to when you’re feeling overwhelmed and require a step back.

“I am someone who loves to make music alone, and I have been doing that for a really long time. But the most inspiring part of music for me is when I hear other people working on something that I made. Having Odessa singing on my song really allowed me to zoom out and see what I created from a different lens. It stopped being something that I was working on and it became something real and tangible on its own, and that’s something that I really love.” – The Nicholas

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