After dropping a successful string of singles across the start of 2020, Rome in Silver continues to amaze listeners with his artistic flair through the long-awaited release of his new EP ‘Like Lightning’ that delves into a vibrant array of colour throughout its duration.

Including previous singles ‘Fade’, ‘Yoko’ and ‘Fiore’, ‘Like Lightning’ continues down the same trajectory with the latest offering ‘You Don’t Know (what it’s like)’ with an enticing blend of synths and fast-paced drums that lift your spirits immensely with its injection of positivity. 

“I never want to make music that people skip through to get to certain parts, which is why I add  subtle details and unconventional structure changes to keep things interesting as the song evolves.” – Rome in Silver

Stream: bitbird
Artist Connect: FacebookSoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

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