Every track River Boy releases is a magical masterpiece. Blending genres with such finesse, every song feels like a journey into a completely new world and ‘Before I Forget’ is no exception. As soon as you hear the acoustic guitar swirling within the smooth melody with hints of distortion, you know you’re in for a completely unique experience. 

‘Before I Forget’ has so much texture thanks to a wide variety of samples that dance on top of the uplifting melody. Unexpected croaks pop up alongside River Boy’s soft vocals and sliding synths give the song a subtle groove making you want to dance softly and sweetly. 

This song is full of surprises and honestly, it’s those little quirks throughout ‘Before I Forget’ that let you know just what River Boy is all about. Here is an artist who knows how to put together a beautiful track that also feels fun, fresh and exciting. there’s no one quite like River Boy and ‘Before I forget’ really highlights his unique songwriting and production talents.  

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