Canadian producer Pat Lok has been on a massive run already this year with the high calibre releases of ‘Salvation’ and ‘Freefall’ (with Australia’s Thandi Phoenix), and now he’s come through with the goods in the form of his long-awaited EP ‘Gone Is Yesterday’ which continues the flow of good vibes all around.

What is most evident in ‘Gone Is Yesterday’ is the polish used to create a sophisticated blend of electronic/house music that you don’t normally see on the market. Lok utilises significant depth in production through a mix of industrialised and contemporary soundscapes to bring forth an artistically driven palate full of colour and drive that immediately gets you moving.

“Musically, I set out to write a dancier record, shifting towards the club with classic sounds (and hardware synths) and an almost pan-Asian sonic palette. My family is from Singapore originally, so I used various bits of percussion and melodic inspiration from the broader region (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand). That’s probably most obvious on “Get Dawn” where I started with a simple theme, and then produced the rest of track around the climactic final scene.”  – Pat Lok

Stream: Kitsuné Musique
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