Vienna born/Berlin based songwriter and producer narou has brought forth a haunting collaboration with Norwegian singer iris full of intrigue under an electronic/pop banner titled ‘Her Love’.

narou perfectly uses the character created in both his and iris‘ melodies to drive through a narrative about love and loss, whilst injecting an eeriness into the soundscape through the use of alluring synths and arpeggios subtly rising. ‘Her Love’ carefully rises in intensity with the use of soul-stirring harmonies that lead us into an emphatic chorus filled with striking synths and hard-hitting drums that leave a dent in the mix that can’t be replaced.

“‘Her Love’ is the story of losing someone who is manipulative. You still love that person but you realised that you never actually felt love back…I really tried to combine organic instruments with heavy synths that would enhance the dramatic message of the choruses. I went to Norway last summer and we created this track in just one session. She is such an amazing artist and I am so happy to have created this track with her.” – narou

Stream: narou x iris
narou: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram
iris: Facebook | Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

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