Bulgarian DJ/producer Low Heat has delivered a super sultry and flirtacious offering alongside the divine vocals of Lina Nikol titled ‘Good Together’, the first R&B release on Stereofox‘s label.

‘Good Together’ uses a robust and thick injection of electronic influence within the synth bass that plays a pivotal role in the mix, delivering an uncompromising nature alongside the R&B styled percussion that you instantly lose yourself within its groove. With Nikol’s alluring vocals adding just the right amount of emotion and feeling to the piece, ‘Good Together’ is a romantic delight that you just can’t get enough of.

“The song reminds me of summer & timelessness – those sweet moments of casual flings when you meet someone’s eyes and that brings a smile to your face. We wanted to create something lush and catchy with a contemporary r&b feel, and that’s how “Good Together” was born.“ – Lina Nikol

Stream: stereofox
Low Heat: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud
Lina Nikol: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

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