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Unrequited love, doubts, and the internal dilemma that comes with making decisions; some of the themes to come in Kllo’s upcoming second album ‘Maybe We Could’. Following a brief hiatus from the duo, the artists have taken time to reset and revalue the compositions they create together. During a stay in North America both individuals found themselves in different cities, exercising a practice in self-awareness. Allowing them to each reflect on their own, they engaged with their experiences that brought them heightened emotions of muddled joy and displacement. The album’s title itself contemplates this collective progression as they come together to contemplate the challenges they encounter.

Their imminent return brings emotive chords and melodies paired with their contemporary arrangements of dance music. An album driven by impulse, Kllo evolves into a matured sound that finds symmetry among subdued and nuanced tones. Invoking a new start for the project, the upcoming album demonstrates the artists both at their strongest and most vulnerable. Their latest single ‘Insomnia’ is one of few singles that witnesses the artists harnessing their own creative processes. The single summons the bright melodies of a grand piano, followed by hazy rhythms and the elegant vocals of Chloe Kaul.

As the artists share,

“The song is about laying in bed fantasising that you’ll give your all to something and that someone else will too, but knowing deep down it will never happen. The moment of the night where you can’t switch off and differentiate your truth from your imagination.”

‘Maybe We Could’ will be out July 17th and is available now for preorder.

Stream: Good Manners
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