UK artist Joe Hertz is giving us a dreamy uplifting treat this week called ‘Trippin’ which features the golden vocal sounds of US artist Ryahn, and it also comes with news of Joe’s highly anticipated debut album, “Current Blues” which is very exciting news indeed! 

“I made this track with Ryahn when I was out in LA late last year on a writing trip. It was a crazy experience because I got an opportunity to work from the Spotify Studios out there which is a real nice space to get creative; just a nice atmosphere, nice people.

When we got in the studio it was like an immediate vibe, we had the palo santo burning and cooked up this colourful bouncy demo. I was doing so many sessions those 2 weeks I had to dig it up when I got back to London, and was like yeah, this needs to be finished for the summer..

I did the final touches when I got back to home, a few vocal takes had to be sent back and forth over seas but we managed to wrap it up. Now just super hyped to have it being released ahead of my Album which will be coming out in July! So yeah make sure to keep an eye on socials for more details :)” – Joe Hertz

Stream: Juicebox
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