French multi-instrumentalist Fhin delivers a nostalgic, late-night inspired offering filled with some tantalising instrumentation in his new single ‘Lights Would Be Better’, the latest glimpse of his forthcoming album ‘Trauma’.

Using an 80’s inspired instrumentation base of swooping bass, powerful and encompassing synths and incredibly crisp beats, ‘Lights Would Be Better’ combines various elements of electronica and soul influence that sets the production levels to pristine heights whilst capturing our attentions significantly with the delightfully restrained vocals which are the final piece of the puzzle.

‘My young memories of a year passed in hospitals, the struggle to discern reality and dreams melted together by medical drugs. Desperate need to run from real life, impatience of nightfall, where dreams seem more legitimate.’ – Fhin

Stream: Delicieuse records
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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