Fresh off being named as a finalist for the Gold Coast Music Awards’ inaugural ‘Gold Coast Music Prize’, Gold Coast singer-songwriter DOOLIE continues her fast-ascending rise as one of Australia’s most promising artists with her highly acclaimed debut mixtape ‘hope you like my mixtape’ which is out now via etcetc.

Teaming up with a plethora of producers such as Kilter, Moonbase, GXNXVS, Cam Nacson, ALIUS, Paces and POOLCLVB, ‘hope you liked my mixtape’ sees DOOLIE further emphasise her commanding presence within the electro-pop/R&B realms – which is most notable during the focus track ‘It’s You Not Me’. With a darkened and gloomy soundscape created by Kilter‘s trademark production prowess, DOOLIE‘s playful melodies in the verse build to an emphatic chorus that bleeds pure emotion and strikes a chord with everyone in its path.

“It’s been such a journey to get to this point, these songs represent different times in my life and have come together as a soundtrack I wish I had. I hope they connect with anyone going through a similar time in their lives. The collaboration process on this mixtape, has helped me grow so much personally, as well as a songwriter. I’m so thankful for all the amazing people I’ve worked with, and who’ve been part of the process with me” – DOOLIE

Stream: etcetc
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