If you asked me which band defines Australian electronic music, I’d say Cut Copy without hesitation. Every time the band release new music, I feel energised and after three long years, they’ve returned and released a mystical new track called ‘Love Is All We Share’. 

Although the song was written a year ago and focuses on how technology will influence our uncertain future, the band chose to release ‘Love Is All We Share’ now as it feels more significant. The track is full of soft atmospherics, with staggering piano vamps and billowing synths, creating a dreamy scene in your mind. The lyrics are full of yearning and talk of love in a more physical sense. ‘Love Is All We Share’ slowly builds, with the verses feeling powerful and slowly rising with the help of the smooth synths, before dropping down to a minimal break where samples hover and wait until they’re able to break free again. The track feels bright and fills you with warmth – it’s very euphoric and deeply satisfying. 

Is the beginning of a new album from Cut Copy? We’re not sure, but what I can say, is that ‘Love Is All We Share’ is simply beautiful. We may have to wait a while until we have another release from Cut Copy, but that’s okay because this is the band at their finest and ‘Love Is All We Share’ will satisfy everyone for a very long time. 

Stream: Cutters Records
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