As the world goes deeper into self-isolation, it is important to keep the lines of communication open and continue to support each other as much as we possibly can.

Acid Stag has launched a new series titled “CABIN FEVER” where we ask artists from all over the world to give us some insight into how self-isolation has affected their creativity and mental health, and also ask what they have/will be doing to keep their sanity and creativity flowing through these difficult times.

Today we’re checking in with UK artist Joe Hertz!

What is your current situation; are you at home alone, with family, or friends?
Joe Hertz: I live with my girlfriend and our dog. 

Have you been dealing with any mental health issues as a result of this isolation?
Joe Hertz: Honestly, I have found the time away from normal routine very refreshing in a lot of ways. I think I needed it!

During the first few weeks it was very confusing and some days I would wake up and be quite worried about things, but in general it’s given me some quality time to think about my future goals. 

What have you been doing to manage your mental state (e.g. meditation, yoga, writing music etc).
Joe Hertz: At the beginning of the year Iz & I decided to get a puppy which has actually worked out really well because we have managed to spend quality time – over her first few months – together. It’s also just been a really nice distraction from the doom and gloom. 

I always need to be making music, otherwise I get grumpy and weird. So, I moved the most important bits of my studio back home. Making music from the bedroom was where it all started and it has made me realise the music you make and the time you give yourself to do things is all affected by the level of freedom and comfort you have in that space… what I mean is – renting a swanky studio doesn’t necessarily correlate to writing better music. I also started streaming on Twitch to keep in touch with other people and just interact with other creatives. I was apprehensive at first, there’s a lot to figure out for a noob like me… But, it’s been dope and is starting to feel genuinely rewarding, especially when people are coming back and saying they have enjoyed it or learnt something. 

Have you tried collaborating with other artists online, and if that is a yes, do you feel this has helped you feel less isolated & confined?
Joe Hertz: Yes, I have done a couple sessions from my house using Skype/Zoom. It’s possible but not how I would choose to work. It’s way harder to get the same energy. The streaming however has been really interesting as I can get multiple people involved, potentially all collaborating on something. Also, just engaging with people on a personal level has 100% helped this time feel less confined. 

Do you have any words of wisdom that you would like to share with fellow artists and your fans?
Joe Hertz: Be patient, be hungry, never stop learning. 

What is your go-to track for ‘Feeling Good’?
Joe Hertz: The Real – Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes.

Be sure to check out Joe Hertz‘s latest single ‘Trippin’ which is out now via Juicebox.

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