As the world goes deeper into self-isolation, it is important to keep the lines of communication open and continue to support each other as much as we possibly can.

Acid Stag has launched a new series titled “CABIN FEVER” where we ask artists from all over the world to give us some insight into how self-isolation has affected their creativity and mental health, and also ask what they have/will be doing to keep their sanity and creativity flowing through these difficult times.

Today we’re checking in with EDEN!

What is your current situation; are you at home alone, with family, or friends?
EDEN: I am back in Dublin at my parents house where I grew up. My parents and most of my siblings are here.

Have you been dealing with any mental health issues as a result of this isolation?
EDEN: I think it’s important to indulge yourself actually. It feels like everyone has been spreading an idea of using this time for ultra productivity and self improvement. On one hand its a great opportunity to push yourself and get into things that you wouldn’t normally have time for, but on the other its one of the most mentally pressurised times that any of us have lived through. I started self isolation by being hyper focused – I didn’t sleep for a few days because I was just up working on things that I loved. But I got a serious case of burnout, and took a week of playing video games, going on long walks, and lounging about to reset. Going between extremes like that can be taxing. I’ve been trying to take a lot more care, and to move slower to be honest.

What have you been doing to manage your mental state (e.g. meditation, yoga, writing music etc).
EDEN: I’ve been writing and creating a lot, enjoying the weather when its good, and just trying to discover as much music, film and art as I can. Something that I’ve been trying to practice is a lesson I learned via an ongoing jigsaw my family have in the kitchen. It’s 1000 irregular pieces that are all the same colour. Every day while I’m eating breakfast or lunch I’ll just stand over it and look for a piece or two. I’ll find them, and then not touch it for the rest of the day. The idea being to win at something and move on. I could sit in front of that thing and stress myself out over it very easily if I wanted to – but the jigsaw will still eventually be completed whether I do it enjoyably or not. So especially now that we have the time to quit while we’re ahead and come back to something later, it’s a lesson I’ve been trying to apply to a lot of things.

Have you tried collaborating with other artists online, and if that is a yes, do you feel this has helped you feel less isolated & confined?
EDEN: Yeah, I made an album with 11 other artists all online. I think there is a collective desire to create things – I never would have imagined this coming together outside of a lockdown situation. There is something really nice about making a kind of community effort like that when everyone is so isolated.

Do you have any words of wisdom that you would like to share with fellow artists and your fans?
EDEN: Definitely be mindful of your phone and try not to get lost in it. The amount of times I’ve caught myself being on my phone while also being on my laptop etc etc has skyrocketed. I am always happier the less I check my phone so I have been trying hard to cut back on it.

What is your go-to track for ‘Feeling Good’?
EDEN: I’ve been listening to so much music I don’t really keep coming back to one, but ‘Pero ya no’ by Bad Bunny and ‘Pretty Please’ by Dua Lipa have been stuck in my head for a while.

Be sure to check out EDEN‘s new single ‘Peaked’ which is out right now!

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One thought on “CABIN FEVER with EDEN

  1. Amina says:

    I really love how jon visualize this situation and its inspiring and i think that it will help me to lower the time i spend on my phone so ty for this interview and ilysm jon your my idol 🙂

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