Grammy-winning producer/songwriter RAC delivers his second glimpse of the upcoming album ‘BOY’ through the peaceful electronic offering titled ‘Carefree’ that features the soothing vocals of LeyeT.

‘Carefree’ provides a beautiful soundscape from the word go through the utilisation of rich-sounding pianos that lure the listener in immediately. This centrepiece is used as the launching pad for the subtle electronic influence through the minimal beats hidden in the backdrop, as well as the robust synths that heighten the soundscape immensely. With the final layer of the piece being the relaxing sounds of LeyeT‘s vocals melding into the mix so easily, RAC has shown us an artistic masterpiece that keeps fans wanting more.

‘I thought this song might be too weird to include on the album…yet something kept bringing me back to it. It’s just one of those songs that willed itself into existence. LeyeT really turned this into something else.’ – RAC

Stream: Counter Records
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