Fresh off the infectious release of ‘Freefall’ which featured Australian artist Thandi Phoenix, Canadian producer Pat Lok continues to bring the heat in 2020 with the release of ‘Salvation’ – the second single from his upcoming EP ‘Gone Is Yesterday’.

‘Salvation’ from the word go injects a sense of warmth and comfort in its soundscape through the rising synths combining with the smooth vocal delivery that lures you in before the wall of sound arrives in the chorus sections. Once we arrive, we are met with a sensational groove in the drums as well as a brooding bass line and crisp harmonies that shift the piece into third gear and really gives you the room to let yourself go!

“Shortly after ‘Freefall’, I went to Berlin for the first time and was invited to visit Ableton’s headquarters. I used their studio for a day and met Sedric Perry and we hit it off. That morning I sketched out some chords with these minimal snaps you hear in the intro. The inspiration came from this elevated, almost otherworldly space, just stacking all these harmonies and adlibs. By the end of the day, we had a song!” – Pat Lok

Stream: Kitsuné Musique
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