We’ve been watching NYC artist mindchatter for a little while now and it’s been exciting seeing him go from strength to strength which each and every release, and I think this new single ‘scared to go home’ just may be his best one yet. 

He’s just signed to Los Angeles label Mind of A Genius alongside some other talented artists such as THEY, KWAYE, Gallant and ZHU – not bad company to be in hey!

“I wrote Scared To Go Home after a night out in NYC. There are times when nightlife feels incredibly depressing and lonely – everyone desperately reaching out for one another, getting way too drunk, trying to make a connection. I wanted to capture that feeling in a song that’s just as much a party song as a moment of self-reflection. 

I felt this was the perfect introduction to my full-length project releasing on Mind of a Genius later this year. The project will explore these inner dialogues of searching for connection and meaning.

Stream via: Mind of A Genius
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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