The Presets Return to Club 77 with Smirnoff Origins cln – Over, All Again (LP) HUMP DAY MIX with Movada Dull Reality – ‘Pragmatica’ [Premiere] narou – ‘running in circles’ 1tbsp – Joan (EP)

Over the years, Valencia based producer Marat Mode has drawn from a number of progressive sounds, grounding his compositions in evocative frames and profound textures. Illuminating his songwriting with a newfound appreciation for consonant structures, ‘Timeless’ is the latest composition to come from the Spanish artist. The release comes off of pioneering Serbian label One of a Kind, a community that prides itself on creativity and individuality through electronic music. Known for his resilient synth work, ‘Timeless’ is a contemporary ballad that evolves Marat Mode’s signature arrangements. The lyrics recall, “all these memories we can’t let go” making for a sincere approach from the vocalist. The gaping grooves propel the track with a graceful ricochet of melodies. The nostalgic quality of ‘Timeless’ is both present in its sentimental lyrics and earnest productions, perfectly capturing the enduring memories in life that recall the track’s title.

On vocals, the producer recruits Russian singer and pianist Eleonora, whose repertoire includes collaborating with acts like Moonwalk, Kiko, and Nicolas Rada. A skilled artist in her own merit, the classically trained musician finds an equally alluring and personal narrative in ‘Timeless’. This phenomenal collaboration also indicates a more polished and mature sound coming for the producer. The track is also accompanied with techno driven remixes from Federika and Argia, other prominent Spanish producers among the national scene. With a number of releases slated for 2020 Marat Mode is setting the precedent for a successful year.

Stream: One of a Kind
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