Last week Australian artist LOVER gave us the next taste of his upcoming debut ep with a gorgeous new single called ‘Spiders’, and he’s coming back to us this week with a very cute music video that has been shot & co-directed by Maxwell Byrne, aka Golden Vessel, who also produced & mixed the song.

“As we were planning this release I was just finishing the ‘Waiting Up’ video, which was quite complex to produce and edit, so I really wanted to lean into simplicity for this release. I was up in Brisbane for some writing sessions and Max and I discussed the idea to make a simple performance visual using his signature handy-cam style. He had bought a new camera and after we worked on a track we went around the corner and filmed in a car park. To be honest this was actually our second attempt as the first one we realised that the AA batteries only lasted for about 40 minutes, so we had to move a lot quicker haha.

We shot all the footage and the press photos the same afternoon in about an hour, I got the footage and edited it together pretty roughly keeping with the lo-fi style. Max had the idea to add some animations to give the video more flavour. I spoke to my housemate Clare about adding some animations in her style and after a couple of long days she had the video all done!

Some last-minute touch ups by myself, and some guidance from the master Jayemol, and we have the video you see today! Hope you enjoy.” – LOVER

‘Spiders’ is available everywhere now via Mammal Sounds Records, and stay tune over the coming months for LOVER’s debut ep “It’s A Wild World”. 

Stream: Mammal Sounds Records
Artist Connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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