Following on from their 2019 release of the EP ‘Fast Lovers’, Norwegian duo Lemaitre kick off 2020 in style with the fast-paced electronic/pop offering of ‘Wondering If I’ll Ever Come Down’ – the first single from their upcoming EP titled ‘JGM’.

Lemaitre drive the narrative of living your best life immediately with an emphatic vocal delivery that commands significant presence before the injection of the hard-hitting drums, buoyant keys and distorted bass adds significant colour to the soundscape. With the final piece of the puzzle being some impeccable harmonies that heighten the chorus to extraordinary heights, ‘Wondering If I’ll Ever Come Down’ collectively will lift your spirits and motivate you to new levels during this time of uncertainty.  

“We wrote the hook and melody at 6am after a long day and night of just making music, drinking wine and doing mushrooms. We were quite literally wondering if we’d ever come down. We did, and to our pleasant surprise the song sounded good afterwards too. We kept working on it and it developed into this anthem about trying to keep going when things are hard, because they can only get better again.” – Lemaitre

Stream: Substellar Records
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