What does it mean to get to know someone deeply in this day and age? With a culture full of distractions and swiping, UK based artist JackLNDN sought out to question our attitude towards more meaningful connections in his latest EP ‘Deeper’. Building upon themes of self-improvement, and embracing the power of fleeting moments, the multi-instrumentalist hopes his latest work serves as a starting point to comprehend these complex and evolving feelings. Sonically capturing the urgency that accompanies these experiences, the soulful flares in his music also employ an emotive lyricism that engraves the songs with an intimate emblem.

The producer maintains an electronic driven production throughout, paying ode to his signature sound. With enriching grooves and progressive keys, the project is largely informed by contemporary deep house, transforming into more pop structured tracks. In contrast to his previous work, JackLNDN takes this opportunity to share a more personal agency. Leading track ‘Deeper’ recalls his sultry grooves and textured soundscape. Another standout composition, ‘Twisted’ questions the expectations that come with having an intimate encounter. Reflecting his thoughts among his vocal range, the singer urges, “what do you want from me?” while also expressing a contrasting burning desire. It’s evident that the track retains the name ‘Twisted’ as the artist explores feelings of rage and jealousy; darker shades that come with unwavering love and dedication to another. With the range of emotions captured in ‘Deeper’ JackLNDN allows listeners to engage in their own self-discovery in his poignant project. 

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