It’s been no secret that we’ve become massive fans of Ayelle over the past few years with her stunning releases, and now she returns with two brand new singles ‘Effort’ and ‘Choice’. 

‘Effort’ showcases the stunning nature of Ayelle’s vocals which enchant us through each melody, whilst oozing through the soundscapes alongside the upbeat and playful R&B/pop inspired instrumentation. As we move into ‘Choice’, Ayelle slows things down with a more laid-back groove through a clearer R&B structure that sees minimal instrumentation applied to the piece which allows plenty of room for Ayelle to magnetise us at a greater length.

“I wrote ‘Choice’ with one of my favourite people – and London collaborator – Rationale. When two broken people start falling for each other, a lot of old fears can start resurfacing, and you have a choice of whether to go through the fear or avoid it. That’s a choice we’re all entitled to, and even though it hurts when someone decides not to take the risk of allowing themselves to fully fall for you, that’s still their choice and no one else’s.” – Ayelle

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