Jbox – ‘The Way I Live a Life’ 44 Ardent – intothedeep (ep) Mall Grab – What I Breathe (LP) Acid Stag Radio cln – Into The Night (feat. Eilish Gilligan) ODESZA – The Last Goodbye (LP)

With his loyal fans begging for the debut album ‘FANTASY’ creeping up day by day, Whethan continues to leave us in absolute awe through his latest glimpse titled ‘Upside Down’, which features alternative rockers Grouplove.

Following on from his previous release ‘All In My Head’, ‘Upside Down’ utilises the hard rock influence from Grouplove whilst melding it in with Whethan‘s thumping electronic roots that results in a super energised and buzzing offering full of sheer grunt and force that shakes you to your core instantly.

Fans can catch Whethan on one of his upcoming shows in March/April across North America – check out the dates below and then click here for ticketing info.

Stream: Atlantic Records
Whethan: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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