Recently we introduced you to a newcomer from the UK called Tycho Jones who only had two releases under his belt at the time (which both had pretty cool music videos) but I was already blown away by everything he had going on. 

He’s coming back to us this month with two more new singles, ‘Pseudo’ and ‘Endorphins’, which certainly do not disappoint.  

Tycho Jones takes us deeper into his world of emotions and loneliness as he opens up about these new songs…

“Endorphins’ is a continuation of my exploration of the intersection between adolescence and adulthood. Overwhelmed by the enormity of life beyond education, ‘Endorphins’ relates to a few things including, my sense of loneliness at times when I’m not necessarily in solitude, and questions the external or internal factors that contribute to my mental state, and whether they’re self-imposed, chemically induced, or the result of influences that are out of my control.”

“Pseudo’ continues along the same narrative and describes how I spent my younger teen years on an emotional pendulum. It is a collaboration with my really talented mate Noah Ings who produced the track when he was 16.” – Tycho Jones

You better keep an eye on this guy, I predict big things in his future. 

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