Stumbling across a new artist is always an enriching experience, so you can imagine our excitement when we came across Toronto-based producer Sylo Nozra and his new single ‘Ginny’.

Blending relaxed vocals with a minimalist melody and a hint of funk, ‘Ginny’ is a track that feels cool and full of swagger. This is the kind of track that makes you feel full of energy without filling your eardrums with unnecessary noise – it’s subtle, light and has an infectious beat.

When listening to ‘Ginny’, you get a sense of the Sylo Nozra’s various electronic and R’n’B influences, but on ‘Hulu’ – the second track on the single – you’re transported somewhere completely different. ‘Hulu’, the second track on the single, breathes soft melodies into airy synths and feels influenced more so by deep house than R’n’B. ‘Ginny/Hulu’ shows just how versatile Sylo Nozra’s work is and how his vast knowledge of melody and atmospherics can create such unique tracks that feel right at home together on a single, despite their differences. With talent like this, Sylo Nozra is definitely going places. 

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