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French producer Rosenfeld brings forth the final glimpse of his upcoming debut ep “The Red Room” through his cross-genre delight titled ‘True’ that packs serious heat throughout its duration.

Depicting a very personal and emotional story of finding your true self, ‘True’ builds from the stunning pianos and Rosenfeld’s captivating melodies in the early periods to set the scene, before the injection of electronic influence enters the arena. With trap beats and abrupt synths making their presence known with huge force, Rosenfeld showcases to the world his mastery of melding various genres together for a well rounded result.

This song is a reflection of how I felt artistically at the time. I felt like the people listening to my music were here solely for the lustful songs and I was afraid to put out something different, to write songs about the “down moments” in life. It felt like there was so many things I wanted to say, but I had to stick to the first impression people had from me so I wouldn’t disappoint them. After some time I realised love had meaning only if you were loved for who you really are, and “True” was born.” – Rosenfeld

out now via: Rosenfeld
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